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23. März 2024


Rang 146 / Metal/Punk


- MUSIC STYLE & UNIVERSE - Walrus approach to metal is kind of a mix between two old-school worlds. Talking about composition, his love for punchy guitar riffs brings those traditional heavy metal vibes, with little glances towards bands like Judas Priest or Grave Digger, while his need for epic harmonies and melodies takes his root in the 90's / 00's European power metal scene (HammerFall, Gamma Ray, Edguy). The band is also very attached to these eras for their sonorities, appreciating those more guitar-centered productions with a more prominent, incisive and raw sound. Finding the perfect compromise between modern and old-school sound is a goal Walrus wants to reach. To summarize, Walrus use all the needed ingredients such as riffs, solos, punch, dynamism and fun to propose a heavy-power metal which will make you headbang on catchy riffs, but cry on emotive harmonies and dramatic lyrics... The motto is to bring you fun, share a passion and create good moments with music together! See ya at the gig, cheers !