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23. März 2024


Rang 55 / RnB


Jella is a swiss Artist (Singer, Songwriter) living in Bern. Her passion for music started as a child, singing and performing to songs by Joss Stone and Anastacia in the living-room while her Mother would videotape it. She started writing her own songs once she was a teenager and finally released her first Project in 2021, called "Love Language" which is an EP of 6 Songs. Mostly the songwriting process starts from her diary, therefore displaying vulnerability and honesty in a story-telling way. She is now working on her upcoming first Album, which will include afrobeats, some produced and recorded in Nigeria. The album will also have RnB & Hip Hop influence and many songs will contain Sound healing instruments, as Jella is not only an Artist but also a Sound healer who holds weekly sound bath's in Bern. Live she performs with the band "The Late Knights".