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23. März 2024


Rang 71 / Indie


luca! started releasing his own songs in the fall of 2020, but he had fallen in love with music much earlier. His childhood was heavily influenced by hip-hop & rap. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West & Mac Miller, just to name a few of his musical heroes from back then, inspired him to take his first attempts at music production. In his school days, luca! spent every free minute at his laptop. With the help of the music program Logic Pro X, he produced beats and proudly presented the then still meager results to his friends. Probably more out of goodwill than for any other reason, they agreed to support him, which gave luca! the courage to complete his productions with vocals and rap. The first songs about love with all its ups and downs, parties with friends and the alcohol excesses that go with it, as well as everything else that could come to the mind of a man in his early 20s, were created. Since his musical beginnings, luca! has been able to significantly improve his production and songwriting skills. By now, his sound has fused into a bouquet of different genres. Hip-hop, R&B, pop and also rock. His latest song ''left to say'' is located somewhere between bedroom pop and alt rock. The single could already celebrate its first commercial successes. It has been streamed over thirty thousand times to date and plays on various radios in western Switzerland. In the fall of 2022, luca! was able to gain his first live experience in the context of the Central Swiss young talent competition Sprungfeder.